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The Green Light is ON for 2015 SIGN UP (yesssssss..workouts are back!)

Workouts RESUME Tuesday January 6 2015

Below will detail all the available options for you.
Please DO NOT hesitate to ask any questions if anything may not be clear.

2015 Registration Options >

1) Auto Debit:
This is my new and better option for 2015 that I’m bringing it back.  Its the lower priced rate packed with a ton of value and perks (see the bullets on sign up page)
Instructions: On my website click on the SIGN UP tab.
The Auto Debit button/links will be right in the center. You will see 3 options (4x, 5x, 6x)
Basically that number represents your “phases” and how many times u will be charged.

*Remember whatever date u sign up that when it charges your card.
No more handing your card over or waiting for new checks to come in mail with this option.
Just sit back, relax, and let the system do it for you.

*:) happy

Again a easier and flexible option!

2) Single/One Time Payment:
This is the basic normal option.
Instructions: You will find this option in the drop down box that sits in the UPPER RIGHT hand corner on the SIGN UP page.

**I will have an early bird special for you that choose this option because my rates for this option will go up.
Right now there are 2 options depending on your classification.

You will see the following in drop down box:

“Early Bird Greek Special” and “Early Bird Student/Faculty Special”

So for u that are not doing Auto Debit; get it while it last because I REPEAT this won’t the rates for long!

3) The Pay Upfront Package:
This option is for people who wish to pay upfront for “X” number of phases.  I offered this before and a few people asked me about it recently so I figure I would just add it to the options.
If u are interested in this option let me know and I can provide you with more details etc.
Again please don’t assume, guess, or try and predict things.
If u have questions; we have answers!

So SECURE your spot TODAY and lets get back to perfecting the body!

*[]==[] exercise

***For MORE questions/info/details: info@rolandburksfitness.com or call 248 470.5884