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Dear Fitness Enthusiast,

How much more crap can you take?

I’m sure you had enough of the weight-loss fads, late night infomercials, quick-fix diets, uneducated, over-marketed ‘gurus’ and local gym ‘fitness specialists’ who’ve continually produced no results out of you? Are you tired of going to the gym doing the “same old thing” over & over again and getting nothing from it? Or maybe it’s the lack of motivation? What about the lies and the endless excuses! WHEN DOES IT STOP?

Well it’s time to say goodbye to all that plus the crowded, intimidating, sweaty, or smelly gyms and outrageous membership fees for good! If this time you’re certain that you’re ready to do things the right way, then let’s go! I’m ready to put a stop to all the crap and create a new you!

*For less than the cost of a personal trainer in your local gym (who is probably more concerned about your social life rather than getting you results) you can become an online coaching client.

Roland Burks Fitness offers online fitness coaching to men and women who are looking for support and guidance towards improving their fitness, and living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. With our coaching program, you will receive a custom workout program designed for your specific needs and interests, and you’ll receive unlimited email coaching to ensure have all of the help necessary to stay consistent with your workouts and see lasting results.

1) Orientation/Introduction: Goal Setting and Accountability: Together, we’ll create goals that matter to you, are healthy, realistic, achievable, and will have you feeling better than you ever have before.
2) Simple Meal Coaching: Everyone knows you need to eat better. Together we can put together strategies that actually happen in your life. You don’t need to change everything tomorrow. People are usually shocked at how painless my food coaching is.
3) Workout Coaching & Spice Up: The nuts and bolts of working out is my favorite thing ever. We’ll create you the absolute most effective workout program on Earth OR we’ll spice up a program you’ve already got and take it to the next level!

What if I told you:
 You don’t need a gym membership
 All you need is your own bodyweight on most stuff
 You won’t be performing long hours of cardio
 Fancy equipment is not required
 You can do it ANYWHERE
 I can cut your workout time in half and you’ll see twice the results
 You’ll be burning fat up to 48 hours after the workout
 Well I am telling you all the above!


The Online Coaching Program is a complete step-by-step system designed to use minimal equipment to torch fat at rapid speeds and develop the body of your dreams! The workout and training programs can be used in your own backyard, at your local park, or even on a hiking trail – as well as in a gym setting.

This Coaching Program is a 4-week ‘take you by the hand’ journey where I will work with you each and every week to help you get closer and closer to the body you deserve. Each week you and I will have a virtual and even phone coaching session where I will give you that week’s coaching assignment, I’ll give you a new workout for that week.


Brand new fat-blasting workouts every week that get you “lean and fit”.

Step by step fat loss programs created by me for YOU

The workouts always change to give you “muscle confusion” (so your body keeps guessing.) You’ll get bodyweight, dumbbell and even kettlebell workouts. All fun, challenging…and effective of course!
Secret access to me through our Inner Circle page (I’ll modify your workouts and make sure you continue to make progress)

Access to exclusive crystal-clear detailed exercise videos (when you exercise with good form – you reach your goals faster!)

Pictures and complete exercise descriptions

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