Lauren’s Testimonial >>> After having back surgery in 2006, I spent two years trying to regain the body I had prior to my injury. However, after two years of crash diets and the the boring elliptical I had lost just 5 lbs. I was very skeptical about spending the money for a personal trainer. You think that following diet plans, DVDS, or workout routines can be self-monitored. Yeah right. Its not that simple. I needed motivation, structure and accountability. I needed results.

In just a few months of Bootcamp, I have lost 17 pounds of wanted fat and 2 pants sizes. My stomach, arms, and legs are now toned and lean. I have seen a whole body transformation.

I am so much happier than I was 7 months ago. Shopping is now enjoyable, and I don’t try clothes on saying, “Well, this would be cute if I was as small as I used to be.” I am wearing shorts again for the first time in 2 years and am confident enough to walk down the beach in a two piece. My friends and family can’t stop complimenting me. Every time I see people I know they are amazed at how I look. When I first started training I was worried about what my family would think about me spending money on a personal trainer, but they couldn’t be happier for me and think working out with Roland is the best decision I could have made.

I had never had a personal trainer, but Roland isn’t a personal trainer or fitness coach, he is a lifestyle coach. He provides all the tools you need to be successful and goes above and beyond. Most trainers feel their work ends when the client leaves the gym, but Roland is about the total package. He is making sure you not only get in an effective workout, but educates you to transform your lifestyle where you are getting the rest and nutrition to be successful in transforming your body. He gets involved, He knows his clients – their strengths, their weaknesses, their goals, and this is why you can get the results you’ve looking to achieve over the last 2 yrs in 7 short months.

Follow his program. Listen to what he says. Be consistent. Show up ready. Give your best. His passion, energy and expertise created a NEW me and I’m loving every minute of it.


I have been going to Boot Camp 365 to the 6 am class for about 6 weeks. At first I thought I would never be able to get up that early. After a while, I got used to it. My goal for joining this program was not too lose wait, but to tone and tighten everywhere. I have lost and 1 inch in my hips, my clothes fit and look much better.

Not only has boot camp helped me reach my goals for my body, but at 7 o’clock I am finished with my work out and up and ready to do my school work. I got over a 4 point this semester in part by the extra hours I added in the morning when I usually would be sleeping. I love the group environment as well. It has helped me be accountable and to keep going when I felt like giving up. I love how Roland actually cares about how I am doing. He always sends helpful tips about exercise and eating. If you want a trainer who cares and who will help you reach your goals join Boot Camp 365.

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Here’s my story before I found Bootcamp; I have been to trainers in the past and I was really active in high school.  I played basketball, ran track, and was a cheerleader.  I was very in shape up until the end of my junior year. I started dating my boyfriend and got really comfortable and he took me out to eat a lot.  I slacked in my nutrition and my work outs.  That was about 3 years about and since then I have tried trainers, diets, etc. and nothing has worked.


I was skeptical about not seeing results fast.  I am a very impatient person and a bit of a perfectionist.  If I don’t see results in a couple of weeks I get unmotivated and end up giving up on the workouts. I tend to get bored with exercises easily and was worried I would burnout quickly after I started. But with Bootcamp I actually enjoy going and look forward to it.


I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Model (yet haha) but I have lost unwanted body fat and inches all over my body and it hasn’t even been a full month yet!  I was barely able to do a pushup at the beginning and now I can do several in a row.  I can tell I have toned up my butt and my thighs tremendously (which is one of my problem areas) and I am getting my sculpted stomach back!


Since I found Roland, I really take in consideration all areas of my life now.  I watch my nutrition and realize that you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. You actually need to eat for fuel while doing these exercises.  I actually probably eat more than most people do during the day but I eat about 6 healthy small meals a day and snack on fruit, raw veggies, and almonds.  I cook my dinners like baked chicken or salmon with vegetables.  I look forward to my workouts with Roland I just wish they were 5 times a week! One thing I do have trouble with is exercising on the days we don’t have Bootcamp.


Roland compared to other trainers is like night & day!  I absolutely love Roland! He is very motivating during the workouts.  I like that he comes by each person and yells their name to keep their momentum up.  It fires me up and keeps me going even when I am tired and my muscles ache.  I love how he plans each workout for camp and each day is different.  Since I tend to bore with exercises this keeps my head in the game and my body guessing.  The other trainers I have had in the past would constantly talk about life and celebrities during my workouts and would not be very motivating at all. Sometimes they would carry on conversations with other people while I was doing an exercise and totally forget about me. With Roland when you are working with him you are on his time and he is there for you.  In every way he challenges me and I can’t wait till fall Bootcamp!


-Keely Phillips


Before I start training with Roland I went to the Rec and was working out on my own pretty regularly. I was typically using the elliptical or treadmill for 30 minutes at a time [It was so boring!], then using the machines downstairs at a light weight setting. I always felt better when I was working out, but never really saw any physical results. I also didn’t have a structured exercise plan — I would just work it into my day whenever (and sometimes even if) I had the time. It wasn’t really a priority to me.


On my 1st day I was skeptical that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other participants who had been coming for a long time. And that I wouldn’t have enough energy to work out effectively, because I had never worked out in the mornings before and do not consider myself a morning person whatsoever.


Now I look so much better; more tone and definition in my legs and arms! Also I can tell that I’m gaining strength because I have more stamina and energy throughout the workouts.  For me it’s so not about losing weight, it’s about getting stronger and more defined and I’ve done that in a very short period [4 weeks to be exact!]


I have so more energy throughout the day, and better sleeping patterns. I feel more confident in my abilities and appearance.


Roland has more of a “no nonsense” approach. Not the kind of trainer that’s going to hold your hand and walk you through the gym and put you on useless machines just so the time can pass. He’s been very good in educating me the truth about fitness and exposing myths.


Rachael Austin


Before camp I was scared to push myself in workouts.  After suffering from a dislocated hip injury, I was very skeptical in my abilities and strength.  Looking back I see that my workouts were boring and ineffective.  I’d spend hours each week on a treadmill but never saw the results I wanted nor did I actually feel proud of my workouts.  In short I was in a serious rut and my overall confidence suffered because of it.

When I signed up for camp I was skeptical that I wasn’t at the athletic level as the rest of the campers and was afraid of being judged as the “weakest link”.

In just less than a month’s time I saw great improvement in my hip strength and flexibility.  I also lost an inch and a half from my waist and could physically SEE muscle tone where I had none before.  My entire body is looking better!  I have confidence to put on my bikini, because even though I haven’t reached my final goal yet I am definitely proud of my improvement.

I have a lot more energy and confidence than I did before.  I am much more knowledgeable of nutrition and overall lifestyle choices, and am taking much better care of myself.  I have confidence that I never even imagined before starting training.  I’m not intimidated by the “macho men” I see at the Rec or gym, but rather can take a spot next to the them and do push-ups, lift weights, and actually give myself an effective workout.

What is different about Roland is the fact that he actually cares and knows each person he trains.  Whether via text message, facebook, or face-to-face contact in his own apartment he makes sure that we have more contact that just during the workout.  He asks and actually cares about what is happening in our individual lives and uses the information to better help us in workouts and nutrition habits.

Roland knows what we are capable of (even if we don’t believe we are!) and pushes us do our best.  I think my favorite thing about Roland is the fact that he doesn’t treat his female clients like they are frails little girls, we do exercises like push-ups, and chest press serious weight.  I don’t want a “girl” workout, I want an effective one and Roland always delivers while changing up the routine every time.  It’s totally well worth it and I don’t know what I would do without it!


Yesse Tanner


Boot Camp 365 has done more for me physically, mentally, and emotionally than I ever thought possible. I was very active in high school, playing sports year round, so everyday was an intense workout. Going to college I promised myself to never gain weight, but unfortunately it creeps up on you and before I knew it I didn’t have my athletic in shape body that I did in high school. I never realized how out of shape I was until I saw pictures of myself in the summer….I knew something had to change. My pledge sister told me about Boot Camp 365 and I immediately signed up! I did have my doubts that it would be a waste of time but waking up the morning after my first workout and barely being able to get out of bed proved me wrong. This boot camp has helped me so much!
I have already lost 10 pounds in 1 month and about 5 inches off my waist and I am not afraid to tell anyone! I feel so great about myself and don’t have to worry about what I should wear to hide the parts of my body I’m not happy with. My clothes fit again and I feel so confident in my improving body. I’m still not where I want to be but I know with Roland’s boot camp I can get there! I know I can get back to my high school body because Roland is not only physically training us but he is mentally training us as well. He is always pushing us and telling us we can do it and sending emails almost everyday of how to eat and how this celeb gets in shape. I have also been eating healthy..no late nights and no fast food. You have to do your part outside of boot camp if you want to see results. So join the bootcamp and get the body you either once had or have always wanted!

Kelly Michelle Lewis

Bootcamp 365 has changed me in so many ways! I used to do boring cardio and wonder why I wasn’t seeing results. Roland pushes you beyond what you ever thought you could do, and the results show! I am much stronger than I was when I started. I have also learned a lot about nutrition and being aware of what the food I am fueling my body with. The clothes I was wearing when I started boot camp are too big now, and I’m getting into my “skinny jeans.” Bootcamp 365 has taught me that I can be disciplined in a hard workout program, and the results are so worth it!

Monica I.
Bootcamp365 not only made me feel and look better, I had a lot of fun
in the process! I would recommend Bootcamp365 to anyone who wants to
totally change their lifestyle, their body, and overall confidence
about themselves.

Liz H
The main thing Roland has taught me in Boot Camp workouts is that I can be an athlete again. After coming to college I thought I could never be in the same shape as I was when I was playing my high school sport. Now that I have started working out with Roland I have notice a HUGE improvement in my conditioning levels. Before starting Boot Camp I could hardly run a mile without stopping to walk. Within two weeks time with Roland, I was able to run 3 miles without having to stop and rest. Roland has given me confidence in myself again. I used to be completely intimidated to go and lift weights in a weight room filled with big bulky guys, but now that I know exactly what to do I am not intimidated anymore. Friends and family have all noticed the difference in my size and everyone wants to know what I am doing different. The clothes don’t lie, I have lost a significant amount of inches in my waist and hip area and my muscle tone has increased all over my body.


Bootcamp 365 is such an amazing investment. You get an amazing and complete work-out in only an hour, but the benefits don’t end there. Roland really takes the time to teach you how to work-out efficiently and properly through one on one sessions at the gym. He also encourages us to eat properly and sends us motivating emails . He even calls to make sure we are on track! Roland knows that being fit is HARD work and doesn’t sugar coat what you need to do to get results, but he makes sure his clients have the tools they need to succeed if they want to. I don’t know many trainers that include all those perks in their price. I feel awesome- I have a ton of energy and I’m so motivated to keep this up! My body is getting so strong and looks great, but getting compliments from fellow bootcampers, family, and friends is always icing on the cake!

Katie Merrell

Bootcamp 365 has really changed the way that I look at exercise and nutrition! Before, my workouts weren’t pushing me to results, I would stop before any work could be done. Roland pushes you on a personal level each and every day, always pushing you to be your best. He monitors your inches, pounds, and food intake to bring your fitness to the highest level. I am slowly watching my body become leaner and stronger through Roland’s intense workouts.

Cassie C.

“When most people here the term “boot camp” they run away screaming! Some people seem to equate intense physical training with something negative and painful, when in actuality it can be a pleasant and rewarding activity. My experience at boot camp last Saturday was no walk in the park, but it pushed me to that next level of fitness that will get you those great results that everyone wants. When I first started working out, I was 32lbs. heavier and couldn’t do half of the things that I can now. This change came from constantly pushing myself to improve and believing that I could endure. So, my advice to those skeptics out there is to stop doubting and start believing in yourself!! Your physical health is not a joke.”

Jas Clisby

Boot Camp was incredible! I usually don’t like group workout sessions, but Boot Camp is an exception. I still felt pushed and motivated to be the best at my workout, and the encouragement from the other girls made it enjoyable. I would strongly recommend that everyone, whether male or female, should attend Roland’s Boot Camp!

Abi Provow

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